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Mindy Bansal

Master Celebrity Artist

Ina Mander

Master Celebrity Artist

With over 20 years of experience, self made entrepreneur, global beauty educator and celebrity makeup artist Mindy Bansal is highly regarded in the beauty and fashion industry for her signature makeup style, creating impeccable bridal looks and edgy editorial features. She strives to create unique looks for each of her clients and inspires confidence in women through beauty.

Starting her training from Vancouver’s largest and most successful school, Blanche Macdonald, Mindy continuously attends educational courses to maintain excellence and stay current with the ever evolving beauty industry. Mindy draws on her experience as an educator and is committed to contributing to the growth of industry by constantly introducing new ideas, concepts, hosting successful, educational and international events.

Mindy’s immense knowledge, distinguished expertise and love for beauty are evident in her high editorial profile and has attained many accolades in all aspects of her craft. She has created endless opportunities to work with many world renowned Fashion Designers, Celebrities Artists, photographers, Bollywood Stars, films, TV, Charity Fashion Events, Bridal Expo’s, International Projects, amongst others. Career highlight was being the exclusive brand at the Biggest Event in Vancouver, TOIFA 2013.

Every client interaction has validated Mindy’s belief that giving women the gift of beauty and confidence was what she was meant to do. Living by the motto of, ‘If you look good, you will feel great’, Mindy has taken every opportunity to connect with other people to share her beauty expertise creating extraordinary results.

Her unending passion for beauty and fashion, as well as her impeccable talent has led her to be a leading artist in the beauty industry.

“Beauty is self-confidence applied directly to the face”.

Unafraid to experiment and explore new concepts in hair and makeup, master celebrity hairstylist, Ina Mander believes that there are no hard and fast rules in beauty. This has allowed her to conceive many inventive and inspiring designs. With her extensive 15 years of experience, Ina has mastered many stunning and versatile looks from traditional and glamorous, to runway ready and exquisite elegant bridal.

Ina is a graduate from Blanche Macdonald with a diploma in makeup artistry, specializing in hair design and spent 10 days training with award-winning henna artist and makeup guru, Ash Kumar at his academy in New York. Dedicated to exceeding the standards set in the beauty industry, Ina is a member of the Vancouver Beauty Council, an association made up of driven and committed industry professionals who advocate for the development of cosmetology standards.

Fascinated by colour and amazed at the diversity of hairstyles, Ina’s passion for hair and makeup started when she was young. She followed the trends of the Hollywood and Bollywood stars as she grew up and soon realized that when we dress up and have our hair and makeup done, we feel good about ourselves. We become more confident and feel sexy, which helps us build our self-esteem.

As she pursued a career in the beauty industry, she received constant encouragement, praise and positive feedback on the creativity and quality of her work, which fueled her passion. Now, using her impeccable talent for cutting edge techniques in the beauty industry, Ina is ecstatic to have the opportunity to make women feel confident and beautiful every single day.


Global Educators, Entrepreneurs, Beauty Influencers
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